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Who are we?

AlineaTV is a new media company that digitally broadcast with IP-TV technology. Founded on August 2013 after two years experiments in Jakarta, Indonesia. At first, we want to be accept as The First BookTV in Asia, but then in 2016, we extend the scope to broadcast not only books and writers but also documentaries of Indonesian life.

What we offer?

With slogan “Television for You” means this television is dedicated and highly curated the content for the viewers who love art and culture, music, culinary, hobby, and even politics.

How we manage?

We manage many contributors using crowdsourcing methods. We offer a good contract with our partners.

Our services

Channel Our partner can have their own specific channel in our services.

Livestreaming Broadcast live your event and share to the world.

Featured Content Show your brand/product in our display content.

On News

Penandatanganan kerjasama AlineaTV dan P2KK LIPI pada 20 Oktober 2016.
Penandatanganan kerjasama MPR dengan AlineaTV. Appears on republika.co.id 10 Juli 2015.
Appears on Marketeers.com 29 August 2013
Appears on Marketeers.com 29 August 2013
Appears on Kompas daily, 23 August 2013
Appears on Kompas Daily print, August 2013
Appears on Kompas Daily print, 23 August 2013

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ALINEA TV – Television for You.

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