The Second Issue of Murmur Journal “Love and Other Drugs”


Writers are like birds. At one time they are like eagles which prefer to run solo, but at other times they are pigeons who flock around a park while feasting. However, having a better look at it, writers identify themselves more to starlings; they crave for isolation and socialization concurrently. Therefore, to fulfill their craving to socialize, a house for writers is needed, and that’s just what The Murmur House provides. The Murmur House carries the intentions of allowing young contemporary writers to expand their views, broaden their knowledge, and enrich their experiences. With a sense of togetherness, each starling in our home transmits their heat to each other, making them warm while growing together under the same roof.

The Murmur House, founded by Rain Chudori and Syarafina Vidyadhana, has a main project of producing printed literary journal, Murmur. The first issue of Murmur Journal, themed Welcome to Warmth, was published in June 2014. Full of intimate, rich, and hearty proses in various forms, the journal was written in English by new names as well as names who are no stranger to Indonesia’s literary scene. We are glad to announce that our journal has been well received.

It has been 6 months of creative process, so the time has come for us to publish our second. The theme being Love and Other Drugs, we hope to deliver maximum dosage of emotions in all kinds provoked by the actions of loving and being loved. As Dwiputri Pertiwi, our head of editors, says, “As much as we are tempted to cringe at the endurance of love as a part of our collective experience (“Love? Who has time for that these days anyway?”), we secretly yearn for it no matter how battered or whole that love may be.” Not only the yearn and desire of love that are going to be divulged in this issue, but also the pain and pleasure of searching love itself which has become an addictive process to us all, humans.

Accompanying the publication of our second journal, The Murmur House will hold Murmuration #2. For starling birds, murmuration is a process at which they migrate to another place in unison without the potential of leaving any member of the group behind. This notion is later cultivated by The Murmur house to create a readers’ gathering, Murmuration. Following the path of our first Murmuration, Murmuration #2 allows young readers to share and read aloud their most cathartic texts.

Murmuration #2 will be held on May 9th, 2015 at 3 PM to 6 PM in Kedai, Jalan Benda No. 89, Kemang, South Jakarta. We will provide various enjoyments like reading and music performances in exchange of IDR 10,000 donation. The reading performances will involve a list of young readers, such as Ben K. C. Laksana, Dylan Amirio, Rebecca Kezia, Armandio Alif, Rain Chudori, Syarafina Vidyadhana, Talissa Febra, Ayu Meutia, Pangeran Siahaan, Andhyta Firselly Utami, Dea Anugrah, and Dinda Ibrahim. Meanwhile, Amygdala and The Colour Mellow will be happy to play their best tunes.

We hope to grow and consistently create and recreate fresh, limitless works which induce singular sensation of reading experience to our readers. We hope to be the quintessential voice of our generation.

Press Release: The Murmur House


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